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Dr. Rhee with a patient
Office Equipment
Find out more about the different equipment we use in the office by clicking the left and right arrows.

Visual Acuity System
A sophisticated computer-based eye evaluation system,that replaces the standard eye-chart.

"Loose Lenses"
A set of lenses of different prescriptions that are used to evaluate a patients' eyesight.

An instument that holds a series of trial lenses, mounted on a wheel, used to place different lenses before the patient's eye.

Direct Ophthalmoscope
Generally a hand-held device used to focus a light on the patient's eye while allowing the doctor to examine the interior of the eye.

Slit Lamp
A table-mounted instrument that consists of a high-intensity light that is focused on the eye, while the patient leans forward and rests their forehead on a cushioned support.

Indirect Ophthalmoscope
A head-band mounted device that shines light into the patient's eye, while allowing the doctor to observe the eye through a variety of special filters.

Retina Scope
A hand-held instrument used with either trial or set lenses or the phorpoter to test a patient's objective refractive error.

A handheld instrument used for passing light through and into the eye to help the doctors medical inspection.

The Chair
The patient's chair. Its comfortable!

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